What are the benefits of online tuition?

Benefits of Online Tutition

Over the years, the popularity of one-to-one tuition has grown immensely. The benefits of online tuition are numerous and can have a significant impact on a student’s academic performance. In this blog, we explore the important of one-to-one tuition and the ways it can help students achieve their end goals.

Benefits of Online Tuition

One-to-one tuition allows for tailored, bespoke learning packages to be delivered to any individual. It can take place at home in a face-to-face manner or online, and covers whichever subject that student is looking for help with. More recently, online tuition has become extremely popular for several different reasons, it’s more efficient and there’s less travel time, especially with the cost of fuel increasing. More importantly, online tuition means a greater array of resources can be shared and lessons recorded which means students can look back at material at any point. Students often say that online tuition is far less intimidating than when someone is sat next to you with face-to-face tuition. This means ultimately, students feel more relaxed and when you are more relaxed, you’re more likely to learn better. Also, one-to-one tuition has become increasingly popular due to the large class sizes in state schools, making it difficult to cater to each student’s individual needs within the classroom. Student’s receiving one-to-one tuition often feel more confident to speak up when away from their whole class and feel like they can ask questions without anyone judging them. They look up to their tutor as a role model, someone who has already gone through their academic journey, and the student’s often get good advice or tips from their tutors. During the lesson, student’s can receive direct feedback and guidance on a topic, so if there are any gaps in their knowledge or something they are finding particularly tricky, the tutor will pick up on this very promptly. Most importantly, one-to-one lessons are important for building confidence and motivation, and with this, learning follows.
One-to-one tuition also provides students with flexibility on when they want to learn, at a time most suitable for them. This flexibility can help students balance their academic commitments with other important aspects that make up their lives. One-to-one tuition can be particularly helpful for students with any additional learning needs, such as dyslexia, ASD, ADHA etc. Sometimes schools are not fully able to meet individuals needs within a big class setting and students can often become overlooked. One-to-one tuition completely overcomes this issue, and tutors with specialised experience in teaching students with additional needs can be extremely helpful. Not every classroom teacher is well training in the different techniques that may need to be applied to students with additional learning needs. One-to-one tuition enables students to go at their own pace without feeling left behind.
In conclusion, one-to-one tuition is a valuable educational tool that can help students achieve their academic goals. Personalised, bespoke approaches provide students with confidence and motivation to learn. With tailored lesson plans, students feel in control of their learning and that they have a say in the direction and pace the lesson goes.

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