After School Tuition

One-to-One Tailored Lessons To Help Your Child

Our after school tuition online tutoring lessons enable a bespoke learning experience, giving children the chance to learn at their own pace. The reassurance of one-to-one tutoring means they can ask all the questions they want, and go over topics as much as they need, until they understand it. All children can unleash their potential.

Why Are Online Lessons Important?

With increasingly large class sizes in schools, students do not get a personalised approach to learning. They go at the pace of the classroom as a whole and often feel too shy to ask questions when they are stuck.

What Subjects Do We Cover?

What Exams Do We Prepare For?

At Cambridge Online Tuition we aim to build your child’s confidence and self-esteem as a priority. Although we do not always prepare for exams specifically, this is often the end goal. Exams we commonly prepare for are:

What Are The Benefits Of Online Tuition?

After School Tuition

How does online Learning work?

We use a highly efficient and superior online platform to deliver our online one-to-one lessons

A live virtual classroom with an interactive whiteboard

Tutors and students can be viewed by webcam and heard by microphone

Live chat dialogue box

Recorded lessons

Interactive and fun sessions

Compatible with a range of electronic devices

Screen Sharing

Embed websites and educational games

Send session reports to parents

The Results

At Cambridge Online Tuition, the emphasis is primarily on building confidence by establishing an academic rapport between the student and tutor. Achieving A’s (grade 7-9) is wonderful and many of our students do, but this is not the ethos of the company. Our ethos is for everyone to achieve their fullest potential and have the opportunity to do so.
Cambridge Online Tuition was founded in the year of covid 2020. 2021 was the year of predicted results and 2022 was the first year of exams after covid. We now ahave the results of 2023!
Here are a few of the most special stories to share from results over the past couple of years….
✔️ One of our students jumped from grade 2 to grade 5 in English GCSE! That’s 3 grade jumps within 8 months!! 🌟

✔️ One of our students who kept missing that important grade 4 in their maths mocks, succeeded and GOT their 4 in their maths GCSEs!!! 🎓

✔️Another student who was resitting their maths GCSE also got their all important grade 4 today!! 💪

✔️We also had several students achieve grades 7-9 in their subjects they had been tutored in. One of which, got a grade 9 in chemistry! 🧠

✔️ We’ve had students out of school for various different reasons, and several of them went on to achieve a grade 7 and above at GCSE.

✔️ We’ve had a student successfully pass their 11+ exam and enter a private school within Cambridge.

✔️ We’ve had several year 6 students achieve greater depth in Maths and English

✔️ We’ve also have several primary school children successfully take their SATs after missing parts of school, struggling with self-esteem or having various SEND diagnoses. They all achieved between 90-99 being very close to passing their SATS but most importantly, they have the confidence to face these exams that they wouldn’t have had it not been for the additional tutoring.
Most importantly, whatever the grade achieved – all grades are to be celebrated here at Cambridge Online Tuition. Our tutors made it a comfortable and trusting learning environment for our young learners where they could open up without feeling judged 🤝.
Here at Cambridge Online Tuition, we take pride in helping all our students whatever their academic background or ability. There is no discrimination. What’s most important is that we never leave anyone behind or give up on them. We adapt our teaching technique to suit them, giving everyone the opportunity to learn 📖