about us

Our Ethos at Cambridge Online Tuition

Cambridge Online Tuition was founded by Dr Laura Brown who has a strong scientific background, achieving a First Class with Honours Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Leicester, followed by a PhD in Neuroscience from UCL. After her studies, Laura initially started working in a prestigious scientific and engineering technology company, but then transitioned to privately tutoring students both face-to-face, online and within schools, as this was where her passion lay. Dr Laura Brown set up Cambridge Online Tuition with one goal in mind: to help others learn.
Laura herself struggled to learn in the traditional way schools teach so she came up unique with ways of learning and remembering facts that she wanted to convey to others who were struggling. Over the years Laura developed interesting ways of retaining information which she now passes onto her tutors. Laura believes in education there is no one-size-fits all and understands that we must teach in a way that each child learns. Some people are visual learners, some are auditory learners, some are read/write learners and others are kinaesthetic learners. No matter how you learn, we tailor learning to YOU! By promoting children’s confidence and ensuring they feel listened to, valued and supported ignites something inside the child that makes them feel like they CAN do it. It’s often the littlest of steps that bring about big changes. We want to inspire a generation and provide outstanding learning support. Learning is not just about passing exams, its about setting up our children’s future and guiding them in the direction where their passions lie.
Initially focusing on the core subjects; maths and science, Cambridge Online Tuition has now branched out into an array of other subjects such as English, computer science, history, psychology and many more.
Learning is not just about passing exams, its about setting up our childs future and guiding them in a direction where their passion lie.