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Our Cambridge Tutors

Outstanding Across The Board

Our Cambridge tutors are carefully selected before carrying out lessons on our behalf. Cambridge Online Tuition has a rigorous interview process in which all tutors must be highly qualified in their field with either a qualified teaching degree or have A-levels/BSc/MSc or PhD in their subject fields. Not only this, our tutors must be have a certain charisma about them, be approachable, understanding and make the lessons EXCITING. All tutors deliver an online presentation/lesson to Cambridge Online Tuition, demonstrating their online skills and qualities.
This gives Cambridge Online Tuition a chance to assess whether they bring something unique to learning. After this, Cambridge Online Tuition ensures all the applicable checks are carried out. Unlike other sites who let ANY tutor register, Cambridge Online Tuition requires a valid enhanced DBS within 1 year, tutors to undergo safeguarding training which is certified, 2 references and provides Cambridge Online Tuition specific documentation on online safety and expectations.

What Makes A Good Tutor?

Subject knowledge is a must; however our tutors have that extra something… they understand everyone learns differently and are experts in breaking down concepts into logical bite-size steps, before piecing it together and approaching those exam style questions. They start from the bottom and work up, ensuring no gaps in knowledge are left unturned, and build student’s confidence. After just one lesson, our students come out happy and thriving to learn more!
Our tutors also have an amazing charisma, they are dynamic, adaptable, have first-hand experience of the UK education system and are extremely knowledgeable with the UK national curriculum. Some of our tutors are examiners and/or have written the curriculum for their school. All our tutors are familiar with taking exams and know how to achieve the highest of results. They not only help your child understand the content, but give exam and study skills advice. They act as role models and really relate with our students, as some of them are only a few years ahead in their academic journey. Tutors often share their academic experience with our students and our students look up to our tutors and find them inspiring.

What Our Tutors Say

Our hand-picked, vigorously vetted, top-quality tutors really empathise with our students and listen to them. They understand every child learns differently and have a real passion for relaying their knowledge onto others. Hear what they say below.

" Tuition is never transactional at Cambridge Online Tuition I form a connection with the student and understand their thought processes Excellent platform makes tuition come to life” "